The Alibaba Effect

A lot of time has been dedicated to talking about how successful the Alibaba IPO later today in the last few weeks, however, few investors have

Ten Plus Reasons NOT to buy Alibaba

Today sees the IPO of the year as Alibaba enters the market at $68 a share. Without doubt there is a lot of interest and from a day trading point of

Planning Retirement is Easier in Parts

The Morningstar have provided a web page to guide those interested in planning retirement, where the important steps are all broken in to manageable

Warren Buffett and USG

Although Warren Buffett's stake in USG (NYSE) is not huge compared to other companies in his portfolio, his one billion dollar investment gives him

What Companies Will Beat Their Earnings Estimates?

In the next few weeks a large number of companies will be delivering quarterly earnings reports which will give an indication of the company's health,

How Much Do You Have Saved for Retirement?

One of the reasons I started trading again was to try to add to my monthly income which would allow me to save more for retirement. This video from

Beware of $CYNK

According to an article this company may not exist (in any substantial form)! see article Somehow their shares have increased from true penny stock

Digital Alley $DGLY Rises Over 160%

Although the day hasn't finished yet, it is safe to say the best trade today was $DGLY Digital Alley which started very slowly but suddenly saw a

The Week of 7th July

Despite rising over the last 3 months the stock market has shown signs of being more choppy and coinciding with the start of earnings season there

$CAMT Rises Against the Market after Holiday Weekend

At the moment their is a lot of indecision in the markets. Last week, which was cut short because of the 4th July celebrations, saw new highs